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Understanding Agreed Value vs. Actual Cash Value Insurance Coverage

Insurance policy coverage for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and RVs, as well as watercraft and boats, varies dramatically from policy to policy. While two different policies may both provide

RRMJanuary 22, 2023 / RRMAdam Beyer
6 Tips for Shopping for Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides additional coverage above and beyond your existing insurance policies. It can help protect your assets and financial future in the

RRMDecember 21, 2022 / RRMAdam Beyer
The importance of having homeowners insurance and how it protects your home and belongings

It’s our job to help people protect their homes and belongings from potential risks and disasters. And one of the best ways to do that is by having a good

RRMDecember 14, 2022 / RRMAdam Beyer
Cyberthreats In The Construction Industry

Cyberattacks are on the rise in the construction industry. These attacks can shut down business operations, cause reputational damage and result in costly litigation and fines. Consider the following factors

RRMNovember 23, 2022 / RRMAdam Beyer
Mechanic’s Errors and Omissions Coverage

Mechanic’s errors and omissions coverage is a coverage that extends Garagekeeper’s insurance to cover faulty work by a mechanic or damage to a vehicle resulting in defective parts. Garagekeeper’s insurance

RRMJune 8, 2022 / RRMAdam Beyer
Garage Liability vs General Liability

A common question we get asked is: What is the difference between garage liability and general liability coverage? The answer is quite simple. General liability coverage will protect your business

RRMJune 3, 2022 / RRMAdam Beyer
Garagekeepers Coverage: Direct Primary vs Legal Liability

As an auto repair shop owner, understanding the difference between legal liability and direct primary garage keeper’s coverage while discussing coverages with your agent is important for the protection of

RRMMay 17, 2022 / RRMAdam Beyer
Sexual Abuse and Molestation Coverage

As a commercial insurance agency based in Tempe, Arizona; we have a lot of experience insuring children’s swim schools, as well as a variety of other health and fitness facilities

RRMJune 3, 2012 / RRMAdam Beyer

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    When we started our business we had no idea the covereage we needed. The team at RRM helped us find the right coverage and continue to provide excellent support. We love working with them and recommend them to everyone!

    Scott Cain Rhino Scooters

    When all was said and done it was clear that Jerry and RRM was the right choice for us. I’m grateful to have an agent that is in my corner and is always there to answer questions and solve problems.  I have and will refer friends and family to Jerry and RRM Insurance Services, they get my highest recommendation.

    -Anthony N.

    I am a small commercial contractor and they have helped us walk through the bonding processes. They have been very respectful, welling to answer all of our questions, and provided great advice. The best part is that we have been able to do several public projects that require a bid bond and then a performance bond. They are really responsive and provide great service. I have no concerns giving them 5 stars and recommending them.

    Rusty Riggs

    It’s always a pleasure contacting Jerry Morris with RRM Insurance Services. For any insurance need we have, Jerry has always taken care of it swiftly and effectively. He has always provided sound advice and ensures to get us the best value and savings possible!

    Vivian Solorio, CFO