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Umbrella Insurance

Accidents, disasters, and lawsuits can happen in life. Umbrella insurance provides peace of mind that you will be able to cover the costs, even if your existing liability coverage cannot.

Protection for about $1 a day.

Personal Umbrella Insurance is supplemental insurance that would be a beneficial addition for most people because unfortunately, accidents happen, and sometimes they can result in high costs. It provides you with an added layer of financial protection, beyond what is provided by your existing liability insurance policies that cover your home, automobile, motorcycle, RV, and watercraft. 

Don’t pay out of your pocket for someone’s medical or legal bills if you are found to be liable – a Personal Umbrella Insurance policy will have you cover those costs up to your policy’s pre-determined limit. 

Personal Umbrella Insurance provides additional protection beyond your existing liability possibility for you, your family, and your future. Your Umbrella Insurance policy will also typically cover other members of your household, including your spouse, children, and any other relatives that live in your home that do not have their own automobile or property insurance in their name. 

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A car accident

You are someone in your household such as your teenager, is driving and gets into an accident. The other party involved in the accident sues you and you are held liable for things like their medical fees or damages. The next step is for insurance to protect you but what if your liability coverage is insufficient for the fees and damages awarded? Without Umbrella Insurance, you will be responsible for paying the amount that exceeds your policy limits out-of-pocket. Umbrella Insurance is helpful because it can make up that difference and cover your debt so that you do not have to pay out-of-pocket.

A home accident

As a homeowner, you are liable if someone is injured on your property from something like a slip and fall. If this occurs and you are sued, the potential damages and medical fees may exceed your homeowners’ insurance policy limits, leaving you with a hefty bill. With Umbrella Insurance, it will pay the additional debt beyond your primary policy maximum so you are covered.

A dog incident

Responsible dog owners understand that if their dog bites someone, they may be held liable for medical fees and damages if the person that has been bit decides to sue. The legal fees may exceed what your homeowners’ insurance policy covers which is why every dog owner should have Umbrella Insurance to prevent them from having to pay out-of-pocket.

A misstep online

The modern digital world is rife with potential lawsuits. If you or someone in your family posts something online that results in a lawsuit and you are held liable, you may owe a large sum of money. A personal Umbrella Insurance policy gives you peace of mind that you are protected from paying out-of-pocket for related legal fees.

A boating mishap

Boat owners must protect themselves with proper insurance because accidents and mishaps happen. If someone is injured on your watercraft, you may be held liable for damages. If those damages exceed your Watercraft insurance policy maximum, Umbrella Insurance will cover the additional debt.

A renter’s lawsuit

As a rental property owner, you need to protect yourself from the risk that a tenant could be injured on your property and sue you. If this happens and you are held liable for things like medical fees and damages, it may exceed your general policy maximum. With Umbrella Insurance, that additional debt will be covered so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket.

Our Experience

Our Experience

We not only focus on General Contracting, but also have experience in Heavy Grade Engineering such as bridges, steel work, grading, and underground work. Our wide range of experience in the various facets of construction insurance has allowed us to create a stable and responsive approach to this class of business and produce many long-term relationships with our business partners. Our goal at RRM is to have you succeed, because your success is our success. Whether it is a new risk reduction solution or negotiating an amendment for your policy, you can always find RRM in your corner fighting for you.


Our Solutions

With modern day solutions to everyday problems, we offer:

Proof Of Insurance

24/7 digital proofs of insurance through our online portal. `

Risk Management Materials

We provide Posters, Brochures and Infographics for the workplace to create a culture of safety.

Apply Online

Online quick apply small contract bonds for up to $400,000

Great Support

Unwavering employees, dedicated to helping you find a unique solution to your problem.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

We believe while 21st digital solutions make workplaces efficient and quick paced; but some projects require a human interaction that cannot be replaced by a digital portal. We pride ourselves on our staunch dedicated staff who are always looking to help your business and create solutions that solve your needs, because we understand that your needs are unique. At RRM we believe your more than just another number in our book, you’re a business partner, one we know we can keep for life.


Our Team Strives to Improve Our Processes and Services Every Day

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When we started our business we had no idea the covereage we needed. The team at RRM helped us find the right coverage and continue to provide excellent support. We love working with them and recommend them to everyone!

Scott Cain Rhino Scooters

When all was said and done it was clear that Jerry and RRM was the right choice for us. I’m grateful to have an agent that is in my corner and is always there to answer questions and solve problems.  I have and will refer friends and family to Jerry and RRM Insurance Services, they get my highest recommendation.

-Anthony N.

I am a small commercial contractor and they have helped us walk through the bonding processes. They have been very respectful, welling to answer all of our questions, and provided great advice. The best part is that we have been able to do several public projects that require a bid bond and then a performance bond. They are really responsive and provide great service. I have no concerns giving them 5 stars and recommending them.

Rusty Riggs

It’s always a pleasure contacting Jerry Morris with RRM Insurance Services. For any insurance need we have, Jerry has always taken care of it swiftly and effectively. He has always provided sound advice and ensures to get us the best value and savings possible!

Vivian Solorio, CFO